Doyle Lab Third Year Seminars

Kassandra, Wendy, and Shivaani presented their research back at Princeton for their third-year seminars! Great job to our terrific trio of third years and cheers to all your research to come!

Doyle Lab Third Year Seminars2022-12-30T22:16:07-08:00

Shivaani’s Generals

Congratulations to Shivaani on passing her general examination! Fantastic work!

Shivaani’s Generals2021-06-18T15:28:44-07:00

Wendy’s Generals

Congratulations to Wendy on passing her general examination! Fantastic work!

Wendy’s Generals2021-06-18T15:28:27-07:00

Kassandra’s Generals

Congratulations to Kassandra on passing her Generals Exam! Fantastic job!

Kassandra’s Generals2022-12-30T22:44:40-08:00

Izzy’s Generals

Congratulations to Izzy on recently passing her “zoom”erals exam! Fantastic job, and we’ll have to celebrate with a champagne toast when we all return to lab!

Izzy’s Generals2022-12-30T22:53:44-08:00

Julia’s Generals

Congratulations to Julia on passing her generals exam! Way to go!

Julia’s Generals2022-12-30T22:59:15-08:00

Stephen’s Generals

Congratulations to Stephen on passing his generals exam! Phenomenal!

Stephen’s Generals2022-12-30T23:02:59-08:00

Sam’s Generals

Congratulations to Sam on passing his generals exam! Stellar!

Sam’s Generals2022-12-30T23:03:25-08:00

John’s Generals

Congratulations to John on passing his generals examination! Terrific!

John’s Generals2022-12-30T23:03:52-08:00
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