Welcome Shutian!

The Doyle Lab welcomes a first year, Shutian Jiang, to the group!

Welcome Shutian!2022-12-30T22:43:30-08:00

Welcome Jason!

The Doyle Lab welcomes a first year, Jason Wang, to the group!

Welcome Jason!2022-12-30T22:44:20-08:00

Welcome Garrison!

The Doyle Lab welcomes a new postdoc, Garrison Kinney, to the group!

Welcome Garrison!2022-12-30T22:44:10-08:00

Welcome Jose!

The Doyle Lab welcomes a new DataX Fellow, Jose Garrido, to the group! We're looking forward to working on some exciting data science projects and collaborations!

Welcome Jose!2022-12-30T22:45:41-08:00

Welcome First Years!

We are excited to have five new first year graduate students join the Doyle Group this year! Welcome to Abby Road, Sam, Stavros, John, Alyssa, and Stephen!

Welcome First Years!2022-12-30T23:26:50-08:00

Welcome Nacho!

Nacho comes to us from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and will be working in the Doyle lab for the summer. We’re excited to have you with us-Welcome Nacho!

Welcome Nacho!2022-12-30T23:28:07-08:00
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