Doyle Lab at ACS San Diego

Doyle Lab at ACS San Diego The Doyle lab had a strong showing at the ACS Spring National Meeting in San Diego, CA. Talks and posters were presented by Stavros, Sam, Stephen, Will, Julia, Shivaani, and Wendy. Abby was awarded the E.J. Corey Award and gave a great talk at the celebratory symposium

Doyle Lab at ACS San Diego2022-05-31T11:07:08-07:00

Welcome Thomas!

Welcome Thomas! The Doyle Lab welcomes a new postdoc, Thomas O'Connor, to the group!

Welcome Thomas!2021-10-26T12:05:28-07:00

Doyle Lab moves to UCLA!

Our lab has moved out West to join the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA. We are looking forward to getting our lab up and running and meeting our new colleagues, as well as exploring sunny Southern California. Come visit us on the second floor of the Molecular Science Building!

Doyle Lab moves to UCLA!2021-07-07T17:20:47-07:00

Welcome Sun!

Welcome Sun! The Doyle Lab welcomes a new postdoc, Sun Dongbang, to the group!

Welcome Sun!2021-06-18T15:07:26-07:00

Welcome Shutian!

Welcome Shutian! The Doyle Lab welcomes a first year, Shutian Jiang, to the group!

Welcome Shutian!2021-06-18T15:06:34-07:00

Welcome Jason!

Welcome Jason! The Doyle Lab welcomes a first year, Jason Wang, to the group!

Welcome Jason!2021-06-18T15:05:12-07:00

Welcome Garrison!

Welcome Garrison! The Doyle Lab welcomes a new postdoc, Garrison Kinney, to the group!

Welcome Garrison!2021-06-18T15:02:47-07:00

Welcome Jose!

Welcome Jose! The Doyle Lab welcomes a new DataX Fellow, Jose Garrido, to the group! We're looking forward to working on some exciting data science projects and collaborations!

Welcome Jose!2021-02-05T15:59:57-08:00

Congratulations Ben!

Congratulations Ben! Ben Shields recently began a position as a Research Investigator II in Cheminformatics at Bristol Myers Squibb ! We wish Ben all the best as he begins what is sure to be a very successful career!

Congratulations Ben!2021-02-05T15:51:33-08:00
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